9 Small Details You May Have Missed in X-Men Movies

It’s mind-blowing to think about the multitude of animals that exist in this world.


Even though X-Men is its own entity movie-wise (still in the Marvel Universe), it’s been such as= a big reason why these superhero movies have become big blockbuster movies. Throughout all the glitz and special effects, we tend to miss little things here and there. Here are 12 small details you may have missed in the X-Men movies.

1. Neither Patrick Stewart nor Ian McKellen Could Play Chess

Sir Charles and Mr. Lensherr shared a few scenes playing chess. The funny thing is the actors had no clue what they were doing. They had to bring out a Canadian chess master to make the scene more legitimate. 

Magneto and Professor X represent two different sides. Magneto is for mutant dominance because he believes they are the children of the atom whose responsibility is to take it a step further in evolution (homo superior). Professor X wants to co-exist with the humans. Magneto uses clear pieces to represent he’s willing to sacrifice his pawns for the end game. X uses frosted pieces as a way of protecting them as much as possible. 

2. Wolverine’s Blood Drawn Through a Tube That  Reads Heavy Metal

You see in the first X-Men film that it’s a blue tube to trace heavy amounts of blood in the system. What can you say about a guy’s whole skeletal system is made up of adamantium?

3. Voice Actor from “X-Men the Animated Series” Makes a Cameo

The voice actor for Beast (George Buza) is actually the truck driver giving Rogue a ride. 

4. A Ripple Underneath Wolverine’s Skin Shows When He’s Bringing Out His Claws

Whether he’s extending or retracting his claws, you can see Wolverine’s intention. 

5. Ray Park Gives a Nod to Darth Maul

Before the first X-Men movie, Ray Park played Darth Maul in “Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace.” He does some trademark movements as Toad that shows respect for the previous character. 

6. Hugh Jackman About a Foot Taller than Wolverine

Wolverine in the original comics is someone who’s short and stocky. However, Hugh Jackman towers over the comic book version. X-Men was shot Hugh Jackman in a way to make him look a bit shorter. Additionally, Cyclops wore platform soles to give him a height boost seeing as he’s 5’10”.

7. Wolverine’s Skeletal Anatomy Is Hinted at In the First Film

His punches are accompanied by metallic sounds, which indicate the power of his blows. Not to mention, the cage fighter that attempts to punch him and nearly breaks his wrist says, “What are you?” This is a clear indicator that Wolverine is much more than meets the eye. 

8. Stan Lee’s First Marvel Movie Cameo Was in X-Men

While we more so know Stan Lee for his Spider-Man cameos, he first appeared in the Marvel movies with X-Men. It’s just a cool trademark where he’s playing a civilian and the movies giving him a subtle homage since he’s the creator of a lot of these series. 

9. A Metallic Sound Is Used for the Fight Between Wolverine and Mystique

In one of the X-Men films, Mystique goes for a low blow and you hear a metal ping sound when she hits Wolverine where the sun don’t shine.            

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