14 of the Most Bizarre Shoes on the Planet


Whether you are a sneakerhead, someone who likes to make a style statement or a high-end shoe fashionista, this curated list of bizarre footwear is created with you in mind. So let’s get started!

1. Treeroots, Amber Myla

Its alive! Modelled after the roots of a tree and the relationship the human sole has with the Earth, these beauties made of carbon fibers, resin, and cow leather, can actually be worn! Return to your roots!

2. T-strap – Barcelona, Sang Roelse

First year art student Sang Roelse was Barcelona-dreamin’ while designing these futuristic, chunky leather sneakers.

3. Polyposis, Kermit Tesoro

These mixed media gems are actually made with powered coral. If wearing octopus-inspired shoes on your feet isn’t fashion forward then I don’t know what is.

4. Smile, Annelies Wouters

#forthesole. See what I did there? This shoe screams to be the life of the party.

5. Wooden Crocs, Ruben Lekkerkerker

Move over plastic Crocs…

6. Harp shoes, Elisabeth Thorsen

Designed as part of a music shoe collection, these babies literally can sing. The soles are inspired from the Norwegian Hardingfele; a national traditional stringed instrument.

7. Psychedelic Dreams, Floor Hermes

Don’t adjust your dial! What you see is not an illusion. These wavy babies made of marbled leather and acrylic soles are from the mind of visionary Floor Hermes.

8. Shoetribe 1/5, Marlou Browaeys

Marlou Browaeys’ inspiration for this gorgeous boot was the many ethnic masks from around the world.

9. Killer Heels, Joyce de Gruiter

I get Ken-and-Barbie’s-wedding cake-poisoned-with-pink-syringes-by-a-lover-spurned vibes.

10. Bow, Hideki Sato

How cute is this?

11. Daisies, Joe Snaken

Throw sci-fi, anime, and a bucket of daisies in a shoe mold, and Joe Snaken’s eclectic style is born. His mirror-finished boots are laser cut and ready to shine bright like a diamond.

12. Introverted personality, Lyujie Liu

A product of China’s one-child policy, shoe designer, Lyujie Liu is an only child and that is exactly how she likes it. She never wants to grow up, and seeks a tribe of other likeminded soles to join her stay-young-forever movement. Wear these child-like, pink-puff darlings as a statement piece.

13. Disco Delight, Marc Jacobs


Funky, funky, funky! Holler if you love them. They carry a price tag of $6500.

14. Travis Scott OG High” Sneaker Bricks with Mini Figu

While they cannot actually be worn, these super cool Lego-inspired kicks can be built! There are 300-400 pieces. You built or the shoe can come fully assembled. The whole build will take 2-3 hours. Click here to learn more.

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