9 Fascinating Hawkeye Fan Theories That Seem Believable


Fan theories are a big thing when it comes to superhero comics and movies. Of course, the Avengers tie in so many storylines. It’s only natural that this would happen. Here are some interesting Hawkeye fan theories that seem possible.

Hawkeye Had the Snap

In the crucial point of when Tony died, it’s understood that the Soul Stone needed a sacrifice. Speaking of which, Thanos made a big one and that’s why the Soul Stone gravitated toward him. In any case, Thanos wore it and he got some injuries, but it didn’t kill him. The same thing happened to Hulk. It’s a situation here where it’s not the gauntlet, but the user itself. It’s a marriage of magic and science devoted to the one who can actually use that power. 

Nebula Thought Natasha and Clint Should Have the Soul Stone

The main reason is due to their love for each other. With the Soul Stone requiring you to sacrifice the one you love the most, it was quite intense when Clint sacrificed Natasha. As Tony would put, “Whatever it takes.” 

Hawkeye Keeping an Eye On The Avengers

Out of all the Avengers, we see that Hawkeye is the weak link in terms of power and special abilities. However, it’s certainly a thing where’s been such a trained operative and been on many missions that Nick Fury hired him to make sure that the Avengers are doing what they need to do. If there’s anything out of line, then Hawkeye can contact S.H.I.E.L.D.

He Was In an Insane Asylum

After an Avengers movie, the question is always: “Where did everyone go?” Seeing as Hawkeye was under mind control due to Loki’s powers, the theory is maybe he was seeking psychiatric help. They may be trying to stabilize his mind before the next mission. 

Wasn’t Present at The Battle of Wakanda 

In the Avengers film series, time is something that’s constantly bending. It wouldn’t be surprising that he wasn’t there because he couldn’t make it on time. 

Hawkeye Passes the Torch

When we see that scene of Hawkeye losing his family on “Avengers: Infinity War” due to the snap, it certainly changes him. He goes into kind of a killing spree on enemies. However, he starts to change back into the old Hawkeye after receiving a call from his wife in “Avengers: End Game.” Chances are that he’s going to retire after all this to spend time with his family. 

Clint and Natasha Are Opposites

Natasha loves putting herself in danger, “go-mode” situations. However, Clint assesses what’s going on from a low profile to a high-profile problem, and wants to get back to his family as safe as possible. 

Hawkeye Has Super Powers

When it comes to being a marksman, Hawkeye is certainly in the upper echelon from hitting fast-moving targets, multiple targets at the same time, and more. Fans theorize that he has some form of telekinesis to help him guide his arrows even better. While he’s not a mutant in the traditional sense, he is at the peak level of the human condition. Much like Captain America, this puts him in a place where he can compete against the typical definition of a superhero. 

Too Many Hawkeyes Due to Alternative Timelines

The Avengers had to set the clock back and create multiple universes to defeat Thanos. In this case, there could be hundreds to thousands of Hawkeyes with different possibilities. 

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