Favorite Food From 5 U.S. Presidents


Food is a common thing that brings us together no matter the walk of life. It’s something that identifies a certain memory or a sense of comfort. When it comes to Presidents, this certainly takes the cake (pun intended). Here are some favorite foods from 5 US Presidents.

Thomas Jefferson

Jefferson was known as a Francophile. What he brought back to the states were french fries and macaroni and cheese. 

William Taft

The heavyset president had quite the love for food. He had a hearty 12 oz steak for breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day. 

John Quincy Adams

Adams was such a fan of fresh fruit that he planted fruit trees in his presidential grounds.

Theodore Roosevelt

Just imagine if KFC or Popeyes were around at his time. Roosevelt loved a good meal with fried chicken and gravy. In fact, he said the only way he could eat fried chicken is with white gravy soaked into the meat.

Barack Obama

Obama is no stranger to fast food. After his first inauguration, he made a quick trip to Ben’s Chili Bowl on U Street for a half-smoke with some cheddar cheese. While he does like broccoli, his favorite food to eat is a good cheeseburger. We’re talking about the burgers you’d get at a high-quality restaurant. 

Zachary Taylor

For some presidents, favorite foods didn’t always end with a happy belly. On 4th of July 1850, President Zachary Taylor’s consumption of a large quality of cherries and iced milk on a hot summer’s day resulted in his demise. Was it the strange combination of acidic cherries and milk? Was it the poor sewage system of his day? His personal physician ruled an infection of the small intestines is what killed him. But to this day, there is still floating the theory that he may have been poisoned. As it turns out, Taylor, a Mexican War hero, did oppose secession and did vow to personally lead a military attack against any state that threatened to secede from the Union. Now that makes for a juicy conspiracy theory!

Gif image courtesy of http://www.chris-timmons.com/the-all-of-presidents

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